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What is CCD Detector?

CCD Detector use a CCD camera to convert the detected target into an image signal and converts it into a digital signal according to pixel distribution, brightness, color and other information. The CCD Detector perform various operations on these signals to extract the characteristics of the target, such as area, quantity, position, length, and output results according to preset allowable degrees and other conditions, including multi-section height, multi-degree width, broken needle, plug hole, invalid tooth length (lower neck tooth height), tooth root diameter, tooth root outer diameter, tooth spacing, oblique teeth, poor tooth rolling, screw length. No matter the head is plated, chamfering, plug hole, eccentricity, or included teeth, etc. CCD Detector can easy to distinguish the defective or unqualified product.
More than 20 years in CCD detector research & development
2 PhD. automation engineers
5 Master degree automation egineers
All ccd detectors are customized equipment basic on special product
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by sea or plane

Principle of CCD Detector

1. Collect the image of the product to be inspected

2. Compare with the good product data

3. Remove the unqualified products that are different from the good product data

Features of CCD Detector

1. High screening accuracy, the detection accuracy of product cracks, dimensions and other defects can reach the micron level
2. The screening speed is fast, can up to 2,400pcs per minute
3. The use cost is low. Compared with manual screening, automatic optical screening only needs to pay for electricity
4. The screening quality is stable, the CCD detector is not affected by subjective consciousness and fatigue, and can continuously and stably screen out unqualified products
5. Low requirements for the working environment. The CCD detector can adapt to a wide range of working temperatures, and is not restricted by harmful gases, high temperatures, irritating gases, and dust environments. A protective hood can be installed in particularly harsh environments.

How to select CCD Detector?


Speed determines production capacity. If you want to use machinery and equipment to replace many human resource inspections, speed must be the main factor to consider. CCD Detector can screen out 100% good and bad products through intelligent screening, and the speed is faster. Detection efficiency: 200~2,400pcs/min


It is often felt that to improve precision, you must improve CCD camera. In fact, precision is also compromised by lighting effects and wide-angle lenses. Therefore, it is unnecessary to blindly follow the trend to pursue the perfect high-precision camera, and a moderate light source and wide-angle lens can consider people's daily inspection requirements.


There are tens of thousands of lean production methods for standard parts with different models and specifications. For standard parts manufacturer, each equipment can automatically detect a variety of products with different specifications and models can meet the greater value of the practitioners' project investment CCD detector.

4.After-sales service and optical software

In addition to frequently encountering customer service problems of machines and equipment, we also pay special attention to hardware configuration warranty and system update capabilities. This problem is particularly prone to occur on software with high technical thresholds. CCD image system require a high-tech software, we develop and write own software over 20 years.

5.Detect items

Standard parts are inevitably caused by defective products during the process of manufacturing, and manual service inspection is time-consuming and laborious. In fact, if the light is properly designed, and the product features are designed and conceived, so that the reflective surface of the light source can be properly projected onto the lens, and problems such as head cracking, crushing, blockage of teeth, and deformation can be easily solved.

6. Comprehensive

In addition to the optical requirements, the design concept and structure of the CCD Detector are also critical. Whether the feeding is smooth or not and whether the transportation of excellent products and the removal of inferior products after the inspection are indeed also accounted for an important factor while purchase of CCD detector.

CCD Detector Application

ccd for defective product screening
ccds for unqualified product screening

CCD Detector


CCD Detector Overview


Customization for CCD Detector

All CCD Detectors are customized equipment. According to your product to design CCD detector.
Workflow chart:
1.Discuss product both sides
2.Send real products to our factory
3.Design CCD detector structure
4.Start manufacture CCD Detector
5.Install and commissioning
6.Finish project

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